A Succession of Centenary Events

In 2016, Victoria University celebrated 100 years as an education institute with a succession of centenary events spanning 20 months. design&deliver produced a complete range of events, including gala dinners, a Centenary Ball and several graduation ceremonies, to mark their milestone anniversary.

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The Story

design&deliver has been producing events for VU since our very beginning, and in 2016 the university engaged us as their preferred production supplier to stage 11 different centenary events over the course of 579 days! The Centenary Program dictated the need to create a series of special events that celebrated how far the university had advanced since opening as Footscray Technical School in 1916. We needed to produce events that were seamlessly organised, beautifully branded... and would be remembered for the next 100 years to come.
Centenary Year Celebrations | The Brief
Working closely with HM Agency to integrate their awesome ‘100 colours for a 100 years’’ centenary logo design into our event designs, we ensured the branding was a constant design reference throughout an ever-changing event calendar. The multi-colour scheme that bled into VU’s traditional blue shades was coordinated across the university’s campuses and events – featuring in custom built elements for the various stage and room designs, unique hanging installations and impactful step treatments that captured everyone’s imagination. Unsurprisingly, the events reflected a theme of ‘through the ages’ that was most lavishly imagined for the 1920s styled Centenary Ball. We designed a sumptuous art-deco setting for the occasion, which included all creative and technical aspects as well as a spectacular, choreographed dance performance that twisted and twirled through history.
Centenary Year Celebrations | The Solution
Almost 4,000 students attended various graduation ceremonies during VU’s centenary year and none of them would have left without being impressed by the detailed planning, flexible scalability and flawless delivery of events that we hope will stay with them for lifetimes. VU was equally overwhelmed by our commitment, communication and collaboration. The University continues to use us as their preferred event production partners, a relationship that we hope will last into the next century.
Centenary Year Celebrations | The Result

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