Brisbane VR Gamespace Commercial Fit-out

Zero Latency needed a commercial design for their latest Australian gamespace venue in Brisbane that was less suburbia and more Silicon Valley. design&deliver worked closely with providers UIG (Universal Infrastructure Group) to devise a complete interior and exterior commercial refit that brought the company’s vision to life… no goggles required!

event typeCommercial Fit-out

event locationBrisbane

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The Story

Zero Latency trusted us to transform their Brisbane gamespace into a stylish, state-of-the-art gamespace that reflected the company’s cutting-edge philosophy while respecting their brand guidelines. design&deliver were tasked with creating a complete design overlay, with subtle references to graphics from the company’s leading VR games, that covered the external façade, reception area, game briefing room, lighting design and directional signage.
Brisbane VR Gamespace | The Brief
We visited the Brisbane site and met with UIG, who took care of all general infrastructure duties outside of design and production, to plot how we were going to reimagine the entire building… in the space of just five weeks! To give the front of the building a facelift, we used a two-directional print of an apocalyptic gaming landscape for the main window and backlit Zero Latency’s acrylic logo. Both the internal and external areas were heavily branded throughout and colour matched according to company guidelines. We engaged a commercial lighting supplier to create a bespoke lighting design for the reception and the cool neon blue ‘bag activator’ lights that enhanced the other world experience in the briefing room. And, we created bespoke large scale prints, signage and furniture for the reception area and gamespace master control room.
Brisbane VR Gamespace | The Solution
design&deliver exceeded in turning Zero Latency’s virtual reality gamespace vision into an actual reality – giving the tech leaders a space age environment deserving of their global reputation as ground-breaking pioneers. Our radical refit brought the future to Fortitude Valley. The contemporary design reflected the company’s visionary thinking – while being on-brand, practical and super stylish! Visitors to the center were immediately immersed in the experience and fully engaged to take their brains to another dimension.
Brisbane VR Gamespace | The Result

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